Basic Instructions

Battle 2 (working title) is a real-time, mobile multiplayer game. You control a team of 2 warriors and you fight in an arena against your opponent.

Step1 - Choose your TEAM

Each warrior is armed with a weapon, a battle pet and a spell. You can choose your warriors and weapons in the 'TEAM' section.

Step2 - FIGHT in the arena

At the start of each turn, you select a tile you want your warrior to land on. A tile with a symbol will trigger an attacking, defensive or special action.




Weapon - Carries a heavy hitting sword.

Bear Head

Weapon - Offers a choice of swords. Heavy damage or freeze your opponent.


Weapon - Packs a power thump to damage those around him.


Weapon - Carries a choice of bows. A single long range shot or a less powerful double shot to hit both opponent warriors.

Rings (spells)

Lightning - A powerful zap to both opponent players.

Boulder - A big boulder dropped on the opponent player with the most health.

Fire Rain - Rain fire on both opposing warriors.

Rabid - Increased pet damage for your pet's next attack.

Backfire -  If this is used on you, your next spell will be cast on your other warrior.

Jealousy -  If this is used on you, your next pet attack will be on your own player.


The Bat

Attacks opponent warrior with the most health.

Killer Bees

Killer Bees

Attacks both opponent warriors but inflicts slightly less damage.

Worm Fly

If you are stung, your next pet attack will be on yourself!


Attacks opponent warrior with the lowest health.