It's nearly here :)

As most of you know, we have been updating the look and feel for Colony Attack to try and encourage more new players to join and to act as a platform to take the game further. Here are some shots of the actual screens we are testing and playing with right now. Once these have been released across all platforms, we can start work on new and exciting features. We hope you enjoy the new look.

Advanced missions are coming!

We are working on a new ‘Advanced Missions’ feature for the next update. This will give new daily tasks which will allow advanced players to contribute to an additional 10% alliance bonus (increasing Nanite rewards for  swarming and attack power for all members of an alliance.)  The daily Advanced Missions will also have small Nanite rewards that can help towards ongoing shield costs.

A Fresh New Look For 2016

One of our objectives for 2016 is to find ways to attract new players to Colony Attack. We believe that new players help the game to grow, keep it fresh and ensure the community is active. As the game hasn't had a design refresh for 3 years, we have been playing with a few ideas to refresh the design which will hopefully make it easier for us to attract new players.