A Fresh New Look For 2016

One of our objectives for 2016 is to find ways to attract new players to Colony Attack. We believe that new players help the game to grow, keep it fresh and ensure the community is active. As the game hasn't had a design refresh for 3 years, we have been playing with a few ideas to update the design which will hopefully make it easier for us to attract new players. Please be aware that we are not looking to change the structure or core of the game, most elements like screen layout, button positions, navigation flow etc will be the same as before, it's just a bit of extra polish on the design. We have posted a few design concepts below and we will add some more examples as they are designed. We would welcome your feedback on these new design concepts and also any other ideas you have on ways to grow the user base.

If you like what you see, you can 'like' this post below. You can also email feedback to help@colonyattack.com