We're a passionate team of Game Developers crafting a new wave of original mobile games


GAME Happy

Based in the UK, our team has crafted chart topping mobile games achieving over 25 million downloads so far.

We create engaging and original content, truly immersive experiences that can be played anywhere, anytime, either alone, with friends or with the world.

Although we love to create unique IP, if you are a publisher or brand and want to work with us, let's talk.



We combine industry leading  technology with our own proprietary solutions. We have particular strength in building cross-platform multiplayer games that are optimised for mobile devices and can handle millions of players.

We also have a range of powerful social tools that allow us to build and manage loyal communities and live operations for streaming new content, ongoing events and tournaments. 

Results driven

Our analytics and insight driven approach allows us to dig deep into the data to understand how, when and why people interact with a game. This enables us to constantly test and adapt the content in order to achieve the highest levels of engagement and performance.

Every game needs the best start in life, which is why we have built a large network of existing gamers and partners to give an extra boost to every launch.


In essence, everything we do is focused on quality, measurability, achieving results and sharing in the success.